Riyadh Blend - Arabic Coffee
Riyadh Blend - Arabic Coffee
Riyadh Blend - Arabic Coffee
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Riyadh Blend - Arabic Coffee

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This coffee:

  • The Riyadh Blend of Arabic Coffee (قهوة الرياض)
  • Golden Roasted Ethiopian Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Coarsely Ground 
  • Strong Cardamom Flavour
  • Weights available: 250g, 500g, 1kg


Saudi ArabiaThis golden Saudi coffee is light, refreshing and appetising it is a truly excellent drink either before or after food – and is a premium luxury coffee for all occasions. 

Our Riyadh blend of Arabic Coffee is made with the highest quality beans from the heights of Ethiopia that are gas fire roasted to the perfect traditional golden colour. 

When prepared traditionally with a touch of Saffron, this coffee will take you on a journey which ends at the tent of an Amir. If you’ve drank coffee in Saudi Arabia this blend will be very familiar to you in how it rewards the drinker with a very traditional and authentic coffee experience.

Eating Dates (تمر) with the Riyadh blend of Arabic Coffee is a truly nourishing experience.    


Find out how to make Saudi coffee by using a traditional Arabic Dallah Coffee Pot (دله) or a Cafetière.


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