About Us

More than just ground coffee, our Arabian Coffee provides a journey through Middle Eastern culture.  

Arabic culture is ancient; and the culture's knowledge of coffee is no exception to this. Knowledge about roasting and blending coffee throughout the region goes back many hundreds of years, and the results, if you've ever tasted authentic Arabica Coffee, are a sheer delight. Our ambition is that, regardless of where you may be in the World, each sip of traditionally blended Arabian Coffees will transport you to Arabia, the Middle East or North Africa.

Based in the UK (Birmingham), Arabian Coffees maintains a passion for authentic blends of Arabic Coffee and Arabic Food. Our employees have many years of experience and knowledge in roasting and blending Arabic Coffees. While we're committed to bringing the very best Arabic Coffee to the UK (and beyond), we're also committed to promoting the very best of Arabic Culture too. 

If you’d like to get in touch, please do at contact@ArabianCoffees.co.uk or via our contact form. Alternatively, get social with us over a cup of our Arabic Coffee by talking to us via InstagramFacebook or Twitter - you could also read our blog: Arabic Ground Coffee.   

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        Riyadh                   Ramallah               Damascus                  Amman