Prices and Shipping costs!

Dear valued customer,

We are writing to let you know about some of the changes we will be making to our business as a result of the current economic climate. The cost of our raw materials, especially our beloved spice Cardamom, has increased dramatically.

To stay afloat we had a difficult choice to make. Skimp on quality and maintain the same prices or continue to deliver excellent quality and increase our prices.

Once we broke it down like that our choice was no longer so difficult. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality Arabian Coffee to our valued customers and so you will see price increases reflecting the price changes in our raw materials.

However, there is some good news in all of this! We have decided to scrap our current delivery charges! Currently we use Royal Mail and their prices range from just under £4 to £20+ depending on the weight of the package. As we are a small business, we cannot afford to absorb the postage and so many of our customers are faced with high shipping costs. For example, if you were to order 2kg of coffee Royal Mail’s shipping costs would be £15.85, something many of our customers found undesirable to pay.

As of Thursday 21st May, delivery on orders less than 2kg will be charged at a fixed price of £3.99 and on orders greater than 2kg, £5.99. To further reward our customers, if you spend £100 or more you will not spend a penny on delivery. This is for shipping in the UK only. 

We hope all of you are staying safe and hope you will continue to enjoy our coffee!

Many thanks,

Arabian Coffees  

See our shipping page for more information. 

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