Arabic Coffee? What's the different to normal ground coffee?

Those who are unfamiliar with, having not tasted truly authentic Arabic Coffee, will often say "surely Arabic coffee is just like any other coffee". We, and the millions of people who now drink Arabic Coffee throughout the World, would like to tell these people it isn't like any other coffee!

Unlike most coffee that is drank widely in the Western, developed World, Arabic Coffee (Qahwa orArabica Coffee as it's sometimes called) is blended with differently roasted beans. Often depending on where you are in the Middle East or North Africa, you'll find some of the blended varieties are made of ground coffee that is either lightly roasted, golden (mid) roasted, dark roasted or even a mixture of the three. The balancing of these different grinds makes authentic Arabic coffee of the region very unique indeed.

Another variable that is prominent in authentic Arabic Coffee is the use of spices to flavour the coffee. Again, as with the differing types of roasted beans, the selection and degree to which spices are used to flavour the coffee differ depending on where you are in the Middle East.

For example, in Saudi Arabia they prefer a very prominent cardamom flavour, whereas in Syria they prefer pure coffee with no flavourings - see our Arabic Coffee range for the difference in blends.

The variety of coffees that come from the Middle East means there's a blend that suits nearly all tastes. We hope you find an Arabian Coffee that suits you too! 

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