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People who buy our ground coffee keep telling us how different it is to other coffees on the market. They also ask us why we only sell our coffees online through our website.

This got us thinking: Are there any businesses out there that might want to partner with us and become an affiliate seller of our coffee? In response to this question we’re putting a call out to see if this is the case.

Before deciding whether or not you’d like to become an Arabian Coffees affiliate seller, let us tell you about our blends:

Riyadh Blend – for those who know Saudi coffee you’ll recognise this blend as being typically just that. It is in all sense of the word a true luxury coffee and, as far as we know, we are the only seller of this style coffee in the UK and parts of Europe.

Ramallah Blend – this is a blend of coffee that is widely drank and enjoyed in many scenarios from Arabic culture. Medium roast beans with cardamom flavouring; it's delicious. 

Amman Blend – made with the finest Arabica coffee that is dark roasted and mixed with fresh cardamom; if you’re a fan of big flavours, this coffee is for you.

Damascus Blend – a straight (no flavourings) fresh coffee that is smooth and full of robust flavour. It is a no nonsense coffee, for the no nonsense coffee lover. It makes excellent drinking throughout the day.  

If interested in becoming an affiliate of ours get in touch with via our website: 

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Written by Abdu (Master Roaster) — July 19, 2012


Firas Abbood:

Hi Sireen,

I emailed you through your site and my Hotmail regarding shipping cost and would like to hear your feedback.

Kind Regards,

November 06 2012 at 01:11 AM


Wow! That iced coffee photo is seirsuoly making my mouth water! I wish we had an Ikea around here because everyone goes to that place! Lucky bastards!!!Thanks for linking up with me again babe! Lovin all your answers! Especially the one about marrying your hubby xoxo

April 01 2015 at 05:04 AM


So you are telling me that she is a vigrin because she have dated the same dude for 4 years, makes sense. Most people lose their vigrinity between the ages of 15 and 18. Miley Cyrus is 19 and has been dating 22-year-old Liam Hemsworth for almost 4 years, go figure. Ofc she’s not a vigrin.

April 01 2015 at 11:04 AM

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Coffee is Our Culture

To us ground coffee is more than just a drink; it's a huge part of our Arabic culture. Totally different to other coffees widely drank in the UK, the US and Europe, our Arabic Coffee is traditionally roasted and blended.

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