Wake Up & Smell the Arabic Coffee

It's been a busy time of late at Arabian Coffees HQ. 

We've been selling far and wide, spreading the news (and our love) for our beloved Qahwa (Coffee), and in the last month we're pleased to say we're selling greater amounts of ground coffee to the US, Japan and of course the UK. 

However we're not getting complacent and the work in getting the word out about the greatness of Arabic Coffee must goes on!

That's why, today we're please to announce our new overarching campaign to promote Arabic Coffee called: Wake Up & Smell The Arabic Coffee!

We think Arabic Coffee (our brand in particular) is so, so great that we want the rest of the World to wake up to this fact too. Our campaign will aim to grab the attention of people, educate them about Arabic Culture and Arabic Food, and we may even be rolling out a few new varieties of coffee as well. 

We urge you to stay tuned and spread the word!



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