Arabic Coffee, flavoured or straight coffee?

We want to know what's your preference with Arabic coffee; do you prefer flavoured or straight, unflavoured ground coffee?

If you didn't know already some varieties of Arabica coffee are flavoured with spices (such as cardamom or saffron) that compliment the coffee making it especially tasty with sweet Arabic foodlike dates. 

However, other varieties of Arabic coffee are without additional flavourings and simply comprise of differing types of roast ground coffee beans (ranging from raw to deep dark roast). 

If you're unsure of which variety you'd prefer then our advice would of course be to try some. 

For example, if flavour is your thing then take our luxurious Riyadh Blend. It's made to a traditional recipe using a variety of roasted beans and heavily flavoured with cardamom - it's really unique tasting coffee. 

Or, alternatively, if a good solid hit of coffee only flavour is your preference, you must try ourDamascus Blend. It's so rich and tasty, made from differing quantities of expertly roasted beans - a true coffee lovers delight!  

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