What is Arabica?

Arabica is a word frequently used, and often abused, in the coffee industry. But what is it?

Well Arabica is in actual fact a variety of bush, from which Arabica coffee beans grow. Of all varieties of coffee bean (e.g. Robusta or Hybrid), Arabica coffee beans are the most consumed type in coffee the drink - which explains why this term, "Arabica", appears to be most frequently associated with coffee.

With some unscrupulous coffee producers and sellers making out that
Arabica coffee is Arabic coffee, there's often confusion regarding the term "Arabica". Arabic coffee (our ground coffee) is different; it is not a variety of coffee bean but instead traditional blended coffee recipes that originate from the Middle East - making them a great accompaniment with Arabic food.

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Arabian Coffees is a producer of Arabic Coffee blends made from freshly ground coffee beans. Our traditional Arabic Coffee is at its best when enjoyed with Arabic Food. 

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